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Airline Power Savers

In the existing compressed air utility, Load and Unload pressure in the system – Fluctuating air pressure results in poor system performance. This will cause,

  • High Operational Costs
  • Wear and tear on compressor and air –using equipment
  • Frequent hunting of the compressors result to motor failure
  • And wasted energy

Most of the plants are having sufficient compressed air capacity, but the problem is distributing this air where and when it is needed in the system. Peak demands will exceed capacity.

To compensate for these demands, the system pressure is increased, leading to significant energy waste.

Our Compressed Air Power Savers – monitors the delivery pressure from the compressor as the inlet pressure of our system, and our State of art Embedded system controls the incoming air supply pressure to the lowest optimal regulated pressure.

 Air pressure fluctuations causes;

  • Insufficient on-line Energy (power in KW) to meet peak demands
  • Lack of useful storage

 Compressed Air Power Savers

Compressed Air Power Savers– provide a condition based solution in the total air system approach by managing the distribution of compressed air to production. This is done by creating upstream storage and controlling its air flow in to the plant air system.

 The benefits are

  • Stable system pressure (plus or minus 0.2 Kg/Cm2 or better)
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved productivity

 Features of our Compressed Air Power Saver

  • Can be used from 100 CFM to 1000 CFM
  • Inlet and outlet pressure gauges
  • State of art Embedded system used for monitor and control the inlet air by using high sensitive pressure transducer
  • Eliminates compressed air pressure related complaints
  • Stabilizes air pressure to the load.

Compressed Air Power Saver - Saves Money

•  Reduces number of compressors required

•  Reduces the effect of compressed air leaks

•  Reduces maintenance costs.

•  Simple payback period of less than 6 Months