Cost Saving Though Process Optimisation

  Saving activities are the essential one for a spinning industry as an unstoppable one throughout year.

 Selection raw material

 Effective realization of the raw material through the perfect waste management system.

 Utilization of the available machines.

 Productivity consistency

 Control over wages and salaries by engaging optimized man power.

 Quality consistency of the end product.

 New product ventures.

 Up gradation of machines and modernisation.

 Continuous team development towards the next step.

Selection Raw Material

 Raw material selection based on the market requirement.

 Count range should be as coarse, medium, fine and superfine.

 Always the value contribution of the raw material in your costing should be below 55%, which will give you a staple profitability.

Effective Realization of The Raw material Through The Perfect Waste Management System

 We give guidance to implement a perfect waste management system which leads the industry towards the Healthy running condition.

 Team will also assist to do the fine tuning of the blow room and carding machines, to achieve a best realistic realizations as 73% for in Indian cotton combed yarn process and 90% for the Indian carded counts.

 We helps you to create standards for the usable waste and drive your team towards the bench mark of 1.5 % usable waste from both preparatory and spinning.

 Validation will done for the cuts per 100 km in your atoner and it will be optimized and standardized to generate 0.4%.

Utilization of the Available Machines

 We will suggest you the required action taken to be taken for a industry best utilization of 99 % utilization in the ring frame.

 We will guide to implement the coupled mechanical maintenance activities, reviewing the schedules, methods in analysing the breakdown, preventive method of checking the machine running condition.

 Techniques to check the quality of the consumable items on daily and monthly purchase.

Productivity Consistency

 Team will helps you to achieve the best productivity in the ring frame by Optimisation of the ring frame speed to get the best productivity with minimum waste.

 Running the machine with the best speed with the best quality in the output.

 Nil break down with maximum speed under an effective maintenance schedule.

Control over wages and salaries by engaging optimized man power

 Giving hands to the mills by Running all department machines with very minimum breaks for the improvement of the worker stratification level.

 Improving the ambient condition of the each every department to run smoothly.

 Helping the management and workers to work with maximum work assignment with full of satisfaction and joy.

 Keeping wage and salary contribution as 5 to 6 % with best hok of 8.3.

Quality Consistency of the End Product

 Monitoring and analysing the material quality right from Bale to yarn stage through many thumb rules and ready reconsiders.

 Root cause analyse for every end product quality deviations.

 Implementation of systems to generate an uster 5% quality level product from every department.

 Assist to analysing the quality reports of the uster, HVI, AFIS.

New Product Ventures

 New product development through micro divarication.

 Value added cotton yarns such as ZT, LTM, HT, ET, SLUBS, Compact, and ST for all purposes for all variants.

 All types of doubled, gassed, mercerised ply yarns, carded ply threads.

 All variety of synthetic and its blends such PSF, Modal, Micro Modal, PIV, PC, Viscose, PCC, PPC, PLA, Glass, Bamboo.

Up Gradation of Machines and Modernisation

 We will help and guide you to select a right machine as Manufacturer wise according to your market.

 Modernisation will keeps your profit margin always higher by 7 to 12 %.

Continuous Team Development Towards the Next Step.

 Arranging technical seminars, team building programmers, along with the best team of India.

 Motivation modules and exercise for all your employees.

 Positive direction towards fix a strategy for reaching a position in to the cluster of fortune 500 companies.