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ACCL (Automatic Source Changeover with Current Limiter)

The Power instability in developing countries along with the inefficient rationalized distribution creates a need for the alternative source of power, to back up the utility supply. This further necessitates the automation, in the distribution system as the rate of power outage & low voltage output is predominantly high. Most of the Residential & commercial establishments are dependent on power supply & if the process of changeover is manual, this will only create disturbance in the device or machine from human error during the change over.

POWERON Controller for ACCL:

POWERON Controller for ACCL is a high precision Microcontroller based device having Current limiting function provided on both the Generator supply & mains supply and are ideally suited for proper/ efficient utilization of standby generator used in multi-storeyed apartments, commercial complexes, etc.



When the Main supply is available:

•  The Controller for ACCL allows unrestricted supply from Mains.

controller for accl
link to download-brouchure

When the Main supply fails:

•  Controller of the ACCL Provides signaling through a potential free contact for triggering the DG supply.

•  After settable time delay, the Generator supply will connect with the output.

When the Generator supply is available:

•  POWERON Controller of the ACCL limits the user from drawing excess load current beyond the pre-set limit

•  The current sensing time for limiting will be settable

•  If the current exceeds the limit, the load is disconnected for certain time (settable delay), as a warning and then automatically reconnected. During this period, the consumer should switch off the non-essential loads and reduce it to the limit.

•  If the Consumer does not reduce the load to the limit level, supply to the load is automatically disconnected after 5 cycle of attempts

•  The supply to the load will be restored only after resetting the system by external reset or by default setting time.


•  Microcontroller based PCB with terminal connecters.

•  Controller gets powered only when generator power triggered. No need to give the power to electronic system all the day. This will increase the Electronic components life, electrical safety of the system.

•  Manual reset provision (remote) to resume the power.

•  Operational status indication through LEDs.

•  No need to fix the Electronic board with high power circuits

•  Easily mountable in Panel door inside, additional benefits for panel builders o segregate the Electrical and Electronics system for fixing in different location.

•  Current sensing with external CT with milliamps accuracy

•  All the setting will be settable and adjustable in site condition.

•  All the setting parameters can be read or changed with detachable keypad with LED display.