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Normally the lighting circuits like Tube lights and CFL bulbs require 200 – 205 volts to produce the lighting lumens at the rated output. But we are giving 235 – 240 Voltages to the lighting circuit due to the phase setting voltages of 400 - 420V in the day time and 250 volts and above in the night tim e. So the excess voltage given to the lighting of 30 to 50 V increases the energy losses up to 25 % in our existing lighting systems and the tube lights / bulbs / ballasts failures are more now.

POWERON LIGHTING SAVER reduces the lighting supply to the required values.

Features :

•  The output voltage is regulated with OLTC (On Line Tap Changing) function according to the input voltage.

Lighting power saver
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•  Sense the Input voltage in individual three phases to corresponding neutral for balance and unbalance load.

•  The regulation of Output voltage will be controlled with two options of settable voltage / settable time.

•  During settable time based function, the output voltage is depends upon the time, for example in the day time, the output voltage is low, because of lower requirement due to the already available sunlight. And the output voltage is high after the setting time exceeds. (Both Day & Night Time can be settable)

•  The Input power factor is monitored with settable range, when the PF is reduced from the setting range; the connected capacitors are automatically connected to the supply. It will improve the PF always towards 0.95

•  Input and Output readings are continuously measured with Class 0.5 accuracy LCD multi parameter power monitor to know the instant saving in Amps, KW, and Units in KWH.

•  The saving % is displayed with LCD screen display to check the savings in %.

•  Time delay is fixed during every power failure and resumption of the supply for only saving.That is during power resumption after power failure, the system goes to Normal mode after prefixed time delay . This will help us for starting the lighting with normal voltage, after the settable time exceeds, the output voltage is reduced to required level

•  Manual bye-pass switch is provided for the change over system permanently to the normal mode.



•  Power saving from 15 % to 25 % directly from lighting loads

•  Increase the life of bulbs and ballasts

•  Improves the power factor

•  Improves the Quality of power by reducing the Harmonics and spikes injected by electronic ballasts in lighting circuits

•  From the reduced energy consumption, the demand KVA is reduced.

•  Compared to Servo stabilizer, this Lighting Saver's Self-power consumption is less.

•  And hence, the percentage of energy savings is more using this Energy Saver.

•  Compared to Servo Stabilizer, No wear & tear in this Saver has no moving parts.

Technical Specifications:


Supply : 360V to 46V AC for 3 phase with 3 phase 4 wire system.

Power & Energy Meter : LCD type multi parameters with class 0.5 accuracy

Panel fabrication : Sheet metal construction with IP20

Power connections : For both Incoming & Outgoing in front INNER side of Panel

Mounting : Floor Mounting

Ratings : 30 KVA, 45 KVA, 60 KVA and above

Saving calculations (Case study) :

Load in KW : 28 KW

Working time in Hours / day : 14 hours per day

No. of days of operation : 30 days per month

Power cost in Rs. : Rs. 5.80 per unit

Energy saving in % : 20 %

Saving units per month : 28 KW x 20% x 14 hrs x 30 days = 2100 units

Saving cost per month : 2100 units x Rs. 5.80 = Rs. 12,180/-

Payback period : Rs. 90,000/-

--------------- = 7.4 Months

Rs. 12,180/-



•  Textiles, Foundries, Engineering companies and other process, and IT industries.

•  Shopping malls, Commercial show rooms like, Car show room, Jewellery and Silks etc Consumer Durables' show rooms

•  Campus lighting in Educational institutions like, colleges and schools.

•  Multi-storeyed Hotels, Hospitals and Indoor and outdoor stadiums .