Energy Audit

  Systematic study of energy utilization in an organization to effect saving Audit: a methodical examination & review.

Energy Audit Steps

 Find how & where energy used or converted

 Identity Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO)

 Economic / technical practicability of ECO

 Estimate cost & profitability potential for implementing ECO

 Establish continuous monitoring for major energy using equipment’s

Elements of EA

 Historical review of energy records-base line

 Walk through of plant-identify energy using components energy flow, wastes

 Details definition of required data

 Enumeration of ECO

 Estimative saving potential of each ECO

Enumerating ECO

 Identify most significant source of energy loss

 Prepare checklist of conservation ideas for plant/process/application

 Update checklist from Brochure / Spec sheet, manual for different conditions.

Evaluation of ECO

 Review each ECO- Quantity of saving potential

 Use most attractive choice for detailed evaluation

 Cite energy saving and economic factors separately.

Equipments Used to Conduct Energy Audit