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Our team's BEE Accredited Energy Auditor Ashok Sethuraman is having 42 years of Experience in India and abroad and he is sharing his experiences through the website www.energymeasuretosave.com with the main objective as Sharing our Knowledge to SAVE OUR ENERGY.

 Our team's Er. Ramesh Babu heading the field energy audit team is having 32 years of Experience. As the Energy Audit team , we are now offering our services to the industry as BEE Accredited Energy Auditor ( BEE is Bureau of Energy Efficiency, comes under Ministry of Power, Government of India) and have done detailed energy audits to many textile and engineering industries in the region.


Building & Maintaining The Energy Infrastructures Throughout The World

Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Poweron Projects is one of the leading power/energy saver in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu. Energy conservation should be considered as the wise and efficient use of the available energy for achieving maximum activities with productive work and profitability. Read More

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is achieved when energy intensity in a specific product, process or area of production or consumption is reduced without affecting output, consumption or comfort levels. Read More

Energy conservation

Energy conservation

Energy conservation has become the catch word of every body, starting from the Government bureaucrats, technocrats to even general public. Although the Government is expected to take measures to increase generation. Read More

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